The Sisterhood

It has become an annual event in my home to have a brunch to mark International Women’s Day. This year I marked it a little late, but still a precious few hours when my home was buzzing with ladies chatting and laughing, looking great and full of warmth and generosity. A great bunch of ladies from the many walks of my life all mixing with each other and marking a very special occasion – just being us.

All the invitees were women who play some role in my life; friendly, intelligent and gorgeous women.

Women of all ages, all sizes and all so different.

Women defined by their status or their interests or their careers or their place in their home.

They are mothers, daughters, sisters, sister in laws, mother in laws, friends, neighbours, friends through friends, old colleagues, school friends, school mums, pitch side soccer mums.

They are ladies who I confide in, ladies who I laugh with, ladies who I trust my children with, ladies whose advise I ask, ladies who offer help. ladies whose clothes or items I borrow, ladies who have wiped my tears, ladies who have helped me grow as a mum, ladies who have encouraged me, ladies whose company I just enjoy being in, ladies who I can to chat to non stop, ladies who are always at the end of the phone, ladies who I admire.

Some are entrepreneurs, some are teachers, some work in catering, media, software. Some work in beauty, fitness, nutrition and well being. Some are administrators, accountants and guards. Some work in media, in charity, the medical profession; some work with children with special needs and some who work in palliative care.

Some are homemakers, full time carers, child minders.

There are those whose talents define them as bakers, musicians, artists, knitters, seamstresses, interior decorators.

They are a mix of single ladies, in relationships, married, divorcees. They are mothers, stepmothers, aunts and even the odd grandmother. They are all daughters. They are all my friends.

There are those who have suffered miscarriages. Those who have had issues with fertility. Those who have no children. Those who have adopted. Those who want children. Those who struggle as mothers. Those who mother effortlessly.

There are those who have faced health issues. Those who have buried loved ones. Those who suffer financially.

Those who have been made redundant. Those who are on benefit. Those who are self employed. Those who are retired.

Those who have climbed the career ladder and sacrificed. Those who have sacrificed the career ladder to follow other dreams.

Those who have built houses. Those who are in a big house but riddled with negative equity. Those on rent allowance. Those who are thinking of downsizing.

There are those who have cars. Those who cannot drive. Those who just like to walk.

Those who like to chat. Those who like to listen. Those who are happy to chat to anybody. Those who prefer a small group.

There are those who like working out. Those who like to wear heels and make up. Those who are passionate about sport. There are those who love a politic debate. Those who love to read. Those who like to dance. Those who like to sing loudly. Those who just like to tap their feet.

All of these women are strong. All of these women are wonderful. All of these women are a welcome addition to my world.

There is no single characteristic that defines being a women. No one woman stands out alone. We are all very different. We are all original.

We compliment each other’s existence and we can comfortably interlink.

On marking International Women’s Day, I am proud to be a woman, to rear a young woman and to have many women in my life.

Here’s to many many more brunches listening to the sound of chatting and laugher!

This years brunch was in aid of the Niall Mellon Foundation and we raised a whopping €300+ so thank you all very much. 


Halloween – cute little cats and wizards no more.

Halloween in our house has been a long time coming this year. Our sitting room has been a dressing room for weeks. The excitement has been brewing and the creative juice buds have been flowing. Cute little cats and wizards no more…

Turning 40 – could I have finally started to grow up?

So I turned 40 this week… copenhagen_40_co2

I am not sure where the last ten years went but I know they have been busy with motherhood, marriage, readjusting to a life outside Dublin, and did I mention motherhood? I have evolved from footloose and fancy free to no respite and responsibilities.

Here are a few things I have noticed about myself and my coming of age…. have I finally grown up?  (more…)

Hosting a brunch – My Top Tips & Menu

Organising a charity brunch cheaply, simply and quickly.

It has been a longtime since I hosted anything in my house and one thing on my bucket list for 2015 was to do just that.

Coupled with my beautiful, little cousin recently diagnosed with cancer and learning about a lovely charity called Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, what better way to combine a simple gathering of the nearest and dearest ladies in my life than to have a Sunday brunch in aid of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. I invited my mum, mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, a few WAGS, neighbours, mums from school and cousins. images

Once the invite went out and 25 odd people said they would attend I realised it was going to be the same weekend that the boss would be away. Nooooooooooooooo! It was too late to back out. My monkeys had no choice but to be my waiters and any help I was offered I took.

We had a full house and raised a whopping €365 for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

Here are my top tips for organising a brunch, QUICKLY, CHEAPLY and SIMPLY.  (more…)

I broke a domestic goddess rule.

After a long week of rushing and running I love walking in the door to the fresh smell of a clean house, the hall tiles mopped and welcoming, the carpets hoovered, everything tidied and clean.

I walk straight into the kitchen and pop the shopping on the lovely clean counter. I stroll around the house peeping in every room, not inspecting, admiring. I smile at the shiny bathroom, the bedrooms at their finest and spot the little lady’s blanket all neatly folded. I am in love with our cleaner and I am indebted to her. (more…)

Jumping in the deep end, in the shallow end.


I paid my 5 year old one Kinder Egg and one packet of Match Attax to get her into her swimsuit and sit by the edge of the pool with her toes in the water.

What followed was a heartbreaking, sad, red face staring at me from the other side of the pool with big, huge, pleading eyes. Is it right or wrong to put a young child through such angst? Was it right to put myself through such angst?

As I sat through the swimming lesson I had a moment of doubt. Was I being a pushy parent? Was I ‘making’ her do something she clearly didn’t want to do? Or was I being a good parent by not giving in but being understanding of her anxieties and gently encouraging her, despite the fact she was vividly upset. (more…)

A Fun AND free Mid-Term Activity: Kilmacurragh and Geocaching

Kilmacimage 4urragh is one of those beautiful oasis, just off the N11 near Wicklow Town, that few people know about. It is a sister of the National Botanical Gardens and is beautifully kept, never busy and big enough to enjoy without having to carry moaning kids back to the car.

It is most well known for its Rhododendrons that are a vision in April/May. Rhododendrons in Kilmacurragh

We have been going to Kilmacurragh since the monkeys were babies and it never bores them. This particular trip had a new twist though; our recent discovery of geocaching. (more…)

“Light”: Mummy B’s Photography Challenge – Week 4

Light. One of the most important things in my existence.  I once worked in an office for nearly a year that was surrounded by hedging and had no natural light. We had to have those evil, fluorescent lights on morning until night. Twelve hours a day. I nearly went mad and craved an excuse to leave the office just to see daylight. (more…)