A Secret Moment

Children silhouettes with shadows

My eldest has a shadow that follows him from room to room. What he says, his echo repeats. What he has, she wants. It’s hard for a six year old to take the compliment that she just loves him completely. Instead it annoys him and is a catalyst for many squabbles. This evening, the shadow fell asleep before her tea. While I was worrying about her not having eaten, the six year old was cheerfully calculating that he could have dinner with his dad and I, undisturbed. This little man like most men enjoys his quiet times and chats are hard to come by. But today, in that brief time we heard lots of tales from school. He chattered non stop. His face lit up. His eyes sparkling. His voice full of excitement and chatter. He held the conch.  For that treasured, almost secret time,his mum and dad were all his. A precious moment.


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