“Don’t go Grandad!”

I love you grandpaMy dad lives in the UK so spending any time with him is always precious. Today was no exception. He shared his few hours chatting equally to the monkeys and to me. It is always tough having to saying goodbye. Yet in my adult way I could never say it quite as openly as the little voice did, when she peered up at her Grandad and said ‘don’t go Grandad!’

It caught us by surprise. This little voice had been pushing every button all day and yet, when it came to articulating what she really wanted to say, she said it in her own poetic, beautiful way, just as she meant to. And she said it again; ‘I don’t want you to go Grandad’.

Her honesty, both brutal and magical, was greeted with a great huge smile from my dad. Cue, a great big bear hug. That brief announcement, full of love, so pure and real, had proven to Grandad, that despite any distance or any gap in visits, he had a very special place in his grandchild’s heart. A magical moment.

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