Lego of that stress.


Today was a particularly stressful day. It always is when there is a deadline hovering amidst school runs and monkey madness. Nicely spiced with a newly installed software not cooperating with old but needed files. For the tenth time I had a visitor appearing at my office door, not in trouble, not being difficult just wanting company. Although internally irritated I found myself calmly explaining why I was stressed, in comprehensible Lego terms… ‘You know when you are trying to build a car and those tiny little difficult pieces get stuck or some pieces keep popping off and makes you cross. Well that’s how my computer is making me feel today.’ 

When the connection computed, my visitor gave a mature nod. He understood completely. Just before he left my office he said ‘Mum, I wish I was ten so I could make you a cup of tea’. In that spilt second I almost wished the same. Almost. Yet in that moment his kind thought was all the tea I needed. 

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