“Do you have to work today, Daddy?”

ImageToday started out like any other and as the monkeys were getting ready for school we chatted about our plans for the afternoon. They knew that daddy was going to work and they wouldn’t see him until later. Everyday there is always a barrage of questions “What time will you be home, Daddy?” “When will you be back, Daddy?’ “Are you on the motorway yet, Daddy?” “When will Daddy be home, Mammy?”  It always makes me smile the love the monkeys have for their dad. They adore him.
Unfortunately today, or fortunately as it turned out, while the monkeys were at school, the husbands car broke down. All the plans changed. Yet amidst all the mundane stresses of tow trucks, rescheduling work and the logistics of sharing one car there was a special ray of sunshine. A little man, grinned from ear to ear, when he stood at the school door and saw that it wasn’t his mum collecting him from school today, it was his dad walking towards him. He couldn’t believe it. His face just lit up. In that special moment, as father and son made eye contact, the little man exuded happiness. His love for his dad so genuine and real. He jumped from the kerb and ran towards him, giving him the biggest squeeze. “Do you not have to work today, Daddy?” he asked. “No work for me today” came the reply. The hop, skip and jump from the little man was beautiful. One little man so thrilled to see his dad and have the whole afternoon with him, and my big man silently but proudly melted by the love and energy from his son.

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