“Let’s do it again! Let’s do it again!”

What is is about the sound of children giggling and laughing that warms the heart and tickles the soul?  It is a magical sound thats inviting and contagious. I envy their lack of self consciousness. My laugh has got me into so much trouble over the years.  It’s loud and hysterical and when I start to really laugh I lose complete control. It’s so great to get the giggles but as you get older adult laughing seems to have rules; no guffawing, no snorting and physical actions are just not an acceptable etiquette. Perhaps that’s why I love the freedom little ones have when they laugh. It’s straight from the belly with gusto and freedom.
Today I heard three little ladies laughing, mine being the 4 year old with two six year olds. My little lady has definitely inherited my big, loud laugh but unlike me she lets it all go and laughs as loud as she likes. She will fall over and lie on the floor laughing or bend right over holding her stomach and rock forward and back. She laughs the way real laughter should be laughed, physically and full of emotion. No matter how challenging she has been I always find myself smiling and laughing right there with her.
Today two older girls were teaching her ‘Hey, Mr Postman’. She was completely in awe of the older girls and was delighted to be playing an older girls game. As I studied her face and her animated expressions, she was very busy concentrating, studying the older girls, mimicking their actions and regurgeting their words. She took it all in her stride, and her mix ups of the words or actions were covered up by her squeals of delights ‘Lets do it again! Let’s do it again!’ The girls repeated their game over and over, giggling and laughing and falling on the floor with little missy right in the thick of it. They only stopped when they were wrecked and when it went quiet I peeped in to see three exhausted bodies lying in a pile with big, smiling faces, full of content. Wouldn’t it be great to just let go like that every few days and do the same?


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