On yer bike!

images-4The little man and I had a plan this Summer we would take off the stabilizers on his bike and I would teach him how to tie his laces. Lets face it tying laces is a pain in the butt! The invention of velcro, on children’s runners, is up there with the wheel and disposable nappies! I don’t know how many times a day my monkeys take off their runners only a minute later to decide they want to go back outside and shout “Mum, can you tie my laces?”. It is not just about tying the laces though, it is the pushing and the squeezing and the struggling to get the foot into each runner.

Anyway, to date, my fault really, tying laces has been mission unsuccessful and I have vowed this weekend to simply give us all a break and buy the little man new runners, with velcro. He can have his independence again and I can have my sanity back. However, on the upside, there was a major achievement this weekend. The stabilizers did come off and this was mission accomplished. The little man was ready and he took off with no help at all. A few wobbles but that was it and before we knew it he was doing circles, swerving around obstacles and getting quite adventurous.

He was chuffed with himself! His dad and I stood closely by, so proud and amazed how quick he figured it out. Our little man was not so little. There he was zipping around, carefree and confident. He had conquered one of life’s major milestones, up there with driving tests and first pints. There was only one fall, which dramatically was on the grass but into dog poo! Hilarious!


When he went to bed that night his dad and I explained to him that once you can cycle your bike you will never have to learn again. A concept he didn’t really get. He was too busy thinking of the next stage of his Evil Knivel taste for challenges. As we were leaving his room, his eyes wide with excitement, he asked: ” Can I ask Santa for a BMX so I can do some proper stunts?” I realised my shy little man, who can sometimes be very nervous, had overcome an even bigger hurdle in life, being brave.

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