“Look how tall I am!”

"Look how tall I am!"Before the Summer we brought the monkeys to a swimming pool….with a water slide! The kids were hyper excited and  bounded up the steps two at a time only to get to the top to discover that the little lady was 5cm too short. With great reluctance and heads down we had to turn around and walk back down the steps.

My little lady has always wanted to be bigger that she is, older than she is and to do everything her big six year old brother can do. She likes to be independent and is stubborn in her quest for help. But there is one thing she has always welcomed help with. Ever since she was toilet trained reaching the bathroom light switch has been a challenge.

Sometimes we will hear her calling, in a slightly panicked voice “can somebody turn the light on please?” and we all leg it into her. Sometimes because she is doing her “I need to got to the toilet but am too busy playing” dance we need to run even faster. Her big brother, proudly and urgently, runs the fastest to turn it on for her. It has been an “on the edge” ritual, to avoid “accidents” that has been part of our daily routine for two years.

Yesterday, a very loud voice called me from the hall. “Mum! Mum! Look!!!” Out I ran, and there stood a very tall lady, stretched right up onto her tippy toes shouting “Look! Look I can reach the light!” And sure enough she could. We all stood in the hall admiring this new feat. “Look how tall I am!” She had grown those extra few important centimeters and was feeling very proud. A silent gulp of “please stop growing up” came from within me. and then a realization, a silent sigh of relief, my little baby, was still not tall enough to turn the light off….yet!


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