The Apprentice

photoIf my little lady had a euro for every one of her dramas she would have approximately €238,564.

We spend a lot of the day bargaining, appeasing, arguing, pacifying, more bargaining, more pacifying and then it’s bedtime and we all go to bed emotionally exhausted. She didn’t lick it off a stone I know!

Yet then there are special moments like today where she was ‘Mammy’s helper’. When she cleaned all the kitchen presses, washed vegetables, even scrubbed the splash back. She was happy out with her cloth, working on her own, polishing furiously and then coming back into me for a little chat, telling me all she had cleaned. She was happy and busy and a total delight.

At bedtime she asked me could she my helper again tomorrow. In the name of the suffragette movement I am all for women’s rights. However, for peace and happiness, from this day forward I appoint her my second in command. She did an excellent job!


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