“Come and see what we have done!”

photo copy 4Starting the week on a new motto I went to bed with the house cleaned, uniforms laid out, everything sorted. It was slightly unsettling this morning when I heard whispers in my slumber…’You bring in all the teddies and I’ll get our duvets’ I thought I heard. Oh no! What were the two monkeys up to? If they are not fighting they are usually quietly scheming.

I could hear things being dragged, lots of giggles and quiet whispers ‘put it here!’ ‘Oh that’s a great idea!’ Then I was beckoned. ‘Muuuummmmm, come and find us!’

I took a big deep breath and tiptoed into the spare room. There, underneath three duvets, six pillows, cushions from the couch, two suitcases, a pile of books, 100’s of teddies, two mattresses, and lots of other building materials were my two little monkeys. ‘Look mum! Look what we have made!’ said one voice. ‘Come into our den!’ said the other voice.

The two little faces looked up at me, so excited and proud of their work, their eyes full of eagerness and desperate for my approval. A big deep breath. With all my motherly power I pushed down any niggling exasperation of the chaos they had, in fairness, unconsciously made, and tried to focus on their imagination and creativity.

‘Wow guys!’

A silent internal OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? ‘wow’ for me and an approving happy ‘wow’ for them. When I looked around their creation they had built a great Den and for that moment, albeit brief, they were playing nicely together and having fun. How could I find fault?  Sibling camaraderie is rare and childhood is all about being creative and imaginative isn’t it? photo copy 3

I decided to take up their offer and I crawled inside. Their delight was contagious. We huddled under, squashed but cosy and I stayed for a cup of tea. Then… the grown up, the time watcher, the realist, the mum had to go and be a parent ‘come on guys we have to get moving and get ready for school!’Boooooooooooooo to being a parent. I wanted to stay in there for just ‘one more minute’ too.


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