Laughter is not always the best medicine…

Nothing makes me laugh louder or harder than someone tripping or falling. I am renowned for it. I always get in trouble for it. In my defence I just can’t help it. When it comes to adults their reactions to my laughter is irritation or annoyance or simple hurt pride. I on the other hand get the giggles and the more cheesed off the victim the greater the giggles.

This is all well and good until you have kids and they fall. A lot. They trip. They plonk. They tumble. Or like today they simply slip from the chair right under the table, mid sentence. There one second and gone the next.

KS1vL19598The little man has never taken kindly to falling. He will blame everybody for putting things where he tripped and recently when banging his toe off the front door he blamed ‘the builders’ for ‘putting the door there!’ (30 years ago. Enough said.)

In saying that, the first time he slipped today he forced out a laugh and we all covered up the incident with a ‘wow you are a stuntman!’ However, a few seconds later when he disappeared under the table a second time I couldn’t control the laughter and what followed was pride-induced rage, at me, for laughing. It is very hard to explain to a 6 year old that that’s just me, that my sisters use to fall out with me, that my husband doesn’t get it and that I just cannot help it.

Unless it is serious I will laugh. Not because it is  mean but because the fall was funny or sudden. I explained to him that today out of nowhere he was like a slippery fish just sliding off his chair and that it was funny how he fell but he did not get it. He was not happy with me one bit and unfortunately I continued to nervously get sporadic giggles. Eventually he did thaw out but I think I am going to have a battle on my hands. Let’s face it there will be many, many more clumsy, funny, tumbling falls and even if I try and hide the laughter my secrets out, this little man will be watching me with one eagle eye.

It is that fear exactly that excels the giggles… I now live in fear.

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