Reality Bites…

It has been images-29a crazy few weeks and as a result I fell off the blog wagon. With my project for college submitted and a clean’er’ in tray, it is time to embrace my blog again and finally, this morning I fought the fear and went back to my TRX classes.

Having broken my little toe before Christmas (to the delight and amusement of my kids and husband) I haven’t been able to go and I have missed them.

I would like to pretend I am a keep fit guru, sleek, fit, sexy in my lyrca and beautiful sweaty. (Yup, that thought feels good.) The reality is I have convinced myself I am as fit and as slim as I was when I was 16, when I swam competitively and had not a pinch of fat.

Moving twenty years later I recently caught sight of myself in a bikini and well…..reality bites! It bit off the rest of my ‘post baby approaching 40’ self esteem and enough was enough.

I dipped my toe into jogging last year and I did the mini marathon. I was so proud of myself I hung up my runners for the year!!  I knew starting the classes I wasn’t unfit but this time it was more about addressing the butt, butt, bingo wings, butt, butt, belly. I needed to get my thumb out and sort out the wobbly wonder my body had become. I signed up for TRX and caught the bug.

A month off the classes with a pathetic excuse of a broken toe was a void and even though I missed going to my classes, it was still hard to get back into it… but now I’m back I am here to stay. It’s my precious ‘me’ time. It’s fun and I am finally seeing the difference.

Next time I decide to fly kick the coffee table on my way to running to the couch to wrestle the kids, the kids have full permission to put me on the naughty step.

‘No running in the house! No jumping on the couch!’


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