Sleeping Beauties

images-5I love waking the kids up in the morning. 

I love waking them up so I can take the time to sit on the edge of their beds and gently ease them into starting their day.

My voice is calm and gentle as I whisper their name. Their hair is tossed and their little faces all relaxed. I dress them in their bed and they flop like rag dolls. Their voices are quiet and slightly horse. Their train of thought is foggy.

They walk like zombies from bed to bathroom, calmly putting on shoes and cleaning their teeth. They are little, gentle robots easily guided through the morning routine.

By the time we are in the car they have fully woken up and their battery life is fully restored. The day officially begins.

For that lovely moment in the morning I have two beautiful, calm children and they have a lovely, calm mum.


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