Some Fairy Magic

The infamous fairy doors appeared in our house quite some time ago but have only recently become permanent features and artifacts of awe. Awe for the kids and awwwwwwwwww for the parents. Aside from being able to deliver life messages through the little notes that the fairies leave for the kids, we also get to watch the amazement  and wonder in their little faces as they unravel them and study them.


Easter Sunday morning

Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy are wonderful, magical memories in childhood, being a child and being a parent. Yet by the time a toddler really understands Christmas there is only a handful of Christmas’s left until a child in the playground lets the truth slip or the child themselves outgrow the wonder.

Christmas Eve excitement

Easter Bunny  has even less time and the Tooth Fairy brings its own magic in for the older child but also brings a competitiveness when it comes to “how much money did the Tooth Fairy leave?”

The Fairy Door is different. It is a regular wonder, not too regular to get bored of and not too infrequent to fall off the kid’s radar. In our house with a Summer of fighting and squabbling the fairy hadn’t left notes for the Troublesome Twosome for quite sometime, much to their dismay.

However, with the onset of returning to school, one little lady starting school and the little man being noticeably kinder and happier,  it was time for the fairies to pay a visit.

I snuck into their rooms and stuck new name plaques beside their fairy doors, a little note for each of them and off I went to bed.

The excitement this morning from both monkeys when they saw the plaques and could read their fairies name was magical. The impact and expressions of earnest as they heard what was in their letters was more effective than any “chat” I have ever had with them. “Shouting makes the fairies sad”,  “Whisper in my door if you ever feel sad and I will come sprinkle happy dust to make you feel better”, “Leave me little notes to tell me your news about school” …

By 7.30am, dressed and fed and good as gold the two monkeys were sitting up at the kitchen table writing notes to their fairies. Mum and dad were having a peaceful cup of tea. Life’s a peach.Thank you fairies for coming to visit.


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