Week 1 – Beginnings: 52 Week Photography Challenge

As part of Mummy B‘s 52 Week Photography Challenge here is my photo for Week 1: Beginnings.

Monkeys at the Skatepark Week 1 - 52 Week Photography Challenge: "Beginning"

Monkeys at the Skatepark
Week 1 – 52 Week Photography Challenge: “Beginning”

Last Sunday, the day before we all went back to our routines, we went for a scoot down the promenade and a look at the skate park. The monkeys have been begging for ages to go with their scooters (fortunately the BMX doesn’t fit in the car!).

For mostly selfish reasons, visits to A&E being one of them, going to the skate park has been successfully avoided. Alas, it is a New Year and time to get real and let go.

As a parent it was time to let the monkeys go forth and have fun. We scooted down to the Skate Park and amazingly the monkeys never went in. They petered on the edge and just watched. Then happily scooted on. Score!

However, this Christmas the little man was on all the big rides in Funderland and he has got the goo. It’s not going to be long until he fights the skate park fear and it becomes his thang, his social scene, possibly his first A&E, his first kiss. Agh!! This is the beginning of a new chapter… from a young child to boy. Follow me @una_nowmoment or check out Mummy B for more details and other links. Mummy B Photography Challenge badge



  1. That’ll be a lovely memory of the beginning of an era to look back on. I’m with you, too scared of the broken bones to suggets it to my girls!!


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