Week 2 – “cold”: Mummy B Photography Challenge Week 2

As part of Mummy B’s Photography Challenge, the theme for Week 2 was ‘cold’.

I had planned every morning to take a photo of my frozen windscreen. The frozen windscreen dilemma is very much part of our Winter ritual, especially since our car is parked at the end of a long path. Not realising early enough that we are going to need water for the windscreen, can eat into precious minutes on the school run. As a result…  taking this photo never happened.

So keeping with the theme I thought of ice. These days I always have ice in my fridge. Filling the ice trays is something I have become really disciplined at. No longer are the trays put back in the freezer empty or shoved in the back of a press and added to the to do list. This might come across as organised, the truth is more selfish, I am partial to a G&T.
Ice HeartsWhether it is a cheeky Friday feeling aperitif or a Summer doorstep drink with my neighbour while the kids play, there is something delectable about sipping a G&T.

No matter how long the week or how challenging the day there is something very soothing about that ‘tsssssss’ sound as the ice hits the tonic. It is officially downtime!


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