“Light”: Mummy B’s Photography Challenge – Week 4

Light. One of the most important things in my existence.  I once worked in an office for nearly a year that was surrounded by hedging and had no natural light. We had to have those evil, fluorescent lights on morning until night. Twelve hours a day. I nearly went mad and craved an excuse to leave the office just to see daylight. When we rented and then finally bought the most important thing was daylight in the main room and kitchen. Bright natural light. I love the sun shining through the windows. I think, like a plant, I wither away without natural light and as Spring is appearing and the nights are getting longer, I look forward to the next few months as daylight extends to 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 10 o’clock even 11 o’clock. Image-1 I take a photo of the sunrise nearly every day. Every morning on the school run when it is clear. We are blessed with our view of the sunrise over the sea. Every morning I chat with the kids about the light, the colours, the perfect circle, the view. It is the most perfect start to the day. I realised this week that I spend quite a lot of time talking about light; morning light, ‘it’s about to rain’ light, ‘it’s about to snow’ light, dusk light…. Light, my natural necessity. I took this with my iPhone 4s. Check out here for more photographs at Mummy Burgess’s blog. Mummy B Photography Challenge badge


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