A Fun AND free Mid-Term Activity: Kilmacurragh and Geocaching

Kilmacimage 4urragh is one of those beautiful oasis, just off the N11 near Wicklow Town, that few people know about. It is a sister of the National Botanical Gardens and is beautifully kept, never busy and big enough to enjoy without having to carry moaning kids back to the car.

It is most well known for its Rhododendrons that are a vision in April/May. Rhododendrons in Kilmacurragh

We have been going to Kilmacurragh since the monkeys were babies and it never bores them. This particular trip had a new twist though; our recent discovery of geocaching.

I recently read about geocaching and downloaded the app. Discovering our closest geocache was in Kilmacurragh, I showed the kids the explanatory video and got them all excited. We donned the wellies, charged up the iPhone and off we went.

What great fun, beyond expectation!! Tooled with the iPhone and a pen the kids followed the sat nav directing them to a point where the app said the geocache was hidden. The best part was trying to find the box.
We were looking up high in the tree and looking down holes, moving rocks. When a little green box was finally discovered it was like the magic of Christmas; wide eyes wondering what was inside and eager to open it. Inside was a small bag of Lego and small toys for trading and a logbook from people as far as from Zimbabwe, USA, Germany. What suprised us most was the log book had been placed there in 2010. All these years and we had never known about geocaching.image 2

We left our note in the logbook and left Kilmacurragh with the geocache bug.

There are geocaches everywhere. It is orienteering with a magical twist and a welcomed new hobby.

A hot chocolate in the Tap finished off the perfect day and the whole cost was a big fat zero. (Except for the hot chocolates).

A fun activity for all ages I would highly recommend.



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