I broke a domestic goddess rule.

After a long week of rushing and running I love walking in the door to the fresh smell of a clean house, the hall tiles mopped and welcoming, the carpets hoovered, everything tidied and clean.

I walk straight into the kitchen and pop the shopping on the lovely clean counter. I stroll around the house peeping in every room, not inspecting, admiring. I smile at the shiny bathroom, the bedrooms at their finest and spot the little lady’s blanket all neatly folded. I am in love with our cleaner and I am indebted to her.

When I went back to work fulltime I spent from 7-9pm every evening doing homework, making dinner and wanting to spend some but not always quality time with tired monkeys.

By Friday I couldn’t wait to hang out but it was only on Friday that I would look around the house in dismay at the piles of clothes and just general mess that had accumulated over the week.

It was a pain in the neck! Saturday mornings we would pop the monkeys in the bath to give us time to run around and clean and do chores. Inevitably, cleaning would be interrupted a hundred times, running up and down the stairs to sort out squabbling of  “she has more room in the bath” and “he squirted water in my eye”. (This is echoed by the fact that our bathroom for some reason is incredibly loud so every squabble is a VERY LOUD screeching row).

Anyway chilled out Saturday mornings they were not and I would always feel bad that I was getting annoyed with the monkeys when really I just wanted to poodle about and pop in and chat to them when they were in the bath.

What was the point in spending my precious few hours cleaning if I am working my ass off during the week? I could happily sacrifice a bottle of wine or two and hire someone who will come in and do the extra few things that allow me to be a mom in my downtime.

I toyed with my conscious, the house is my domain, was I a failure as a housewife if I paid someone to be our housewife?

By the following weekend with another round of bathroom/cleaning antics the decision was made. We hired a cleaner for a few hours to do the extra chores, the bathrooms, polish, hoover, mob, clean the oven, iron a few shirts.

It doesn’t always sit right when I leave a little note for our cleaner but then when I come home on a Friday evening to a clean house and I can switch into weekend mode immediately, I can resolve my morals. It is worth every penny.

This morning we didn’t rush. I heard all about the monkeys news. I enjoyed a second cup of tea and everyone was in great form.

Being a super housewife, a super mum and working full-time means at times bending the rules. For me, hiring a cleaner has been the best domestic decision I have made.

Time is precious.



  1. You are absolutely right, you can’t do it all. I get a cleaner in from time to time and love coming home to the tidy house. Then I spend the night before she comes tidying so that she can clean, which kind of undoes the good but keeps the place great. It’s the clothes mountains that get me down, they’re never ending!

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