About Me

1382123_170392819831398_1092286272_aI am a thirty something wearing many different hats. I am a wife, 18 years with my school sweetheart. I am a mum of two. I have my own company. I am the cleaner, the cook, the chauffeur. I am the family accountant, the nurse, PA to my husband, bedroom filly and the general household slave and skivvy.

I enjoy chatting, laughing, teasing. I am partial to a glass of wine and a cheeky g&t. I am most proud of the two monkeys I have produced, my marriage and of giving up cigarettes.

Through the whirlwind of becoming a wife, a mum and working from home at some point I forgot to press pause. I got lost on the rollercoaster of routine and got caught up in daily chores and rushing. As a result many, many moments have passed me by, unnoticed and untreasured.

Last year, my husband, at the age of 37 had a minor stroke. That stopped me in my tracks! It has forced me to readjust my outlook and refocus my priorities.

With this in mind I started to record some special moments. It is hard to find the time to write them down but at the very least I gather them in my thoughts. I will do my best to share my  ‘Now’ moments and I hope it will inspire you to share your moments too.



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