The Sisterhood

It has become an annual event in my home to have a brunch to mark International Women’s Day. This year I marked it a little late, but still a precious few hours when my home was buzzing with ladies chatting and laughing, looking great and full of warmth and generosity. A great bunch of ladies from the many walks of my life all mixing with each other and marking a very special occasion – just being us.

All the invitees were women who play some role in my life; friendly, intelligent and gorgeous women.

Women of all ages, all sizes and all so different.

Women defined by their status or their interests or their careers or their place in their home.

They are mothers, daughters, sisters, sister in laws, mother in laws, friends, neighbours, friends through friends, old colleagues, school friends, school mums, pitch side soccer mums.

They are ladies who I confide in, ladies who I laugh with, ladies who I trust my children with, ladies whose advise I ask, ladies who offer help. ladies whose clothes or items I borrow, ladies who have wiped my tears, ladies who have helped me grow as a mum, ladies who have encouraged me, ladies whose company I just enjoy being in, ladies who I can to chat to non stop, ladies who are always at the end of the phone, ladies who I admire.

Some are entrepreneurs, some are teachers, some work in catering, media, software. Some work in beauty, fitness, nutrition and well being. Some are administrators, accountants and guards. Some work in media, in charity, the medical profession; some work with children with special needs and some who work in palliative care.

Some are homemakers, full time carers, child minders.

There are those whose talents define them as bakers, musicians, artists, knitters, seamstresses, interior decorators.

They are a mix of single ladies, in relationships, married, divorcees. They are mothers, stepmothers, aunts and even the odd grandmother. They are all daughters. They are all my friends.

There are those who have suffered miscarriages. Those who have had issues with fertility. Those who have no children. Those who have adopted. Those who want children. Those who struggle as mothers. Those who mother effortlessly.

There are those who have faced health issues. Those who have buried loved ones. Those who suffer financially.

Those who have been made redundant. Those who are on benefit. Those who are self employed. Those who are retired.

Those who have climbed the career ladder and sacrificed. Those who have sacrificed the career ladder to follow other dreams.

Those who have built houses. Those who are in a big house but riddled with negative equity. Those on rent allowance. Those who are thinking of downsizing.

There are those who have cars. Those who cannot drive. Those who just like to walk.

Those who like to chat. Those who like to listen. Those who are happy to chat to anybody. Those who prefer a small group.

There are those who like working out. Those who like to wear heels and make up. Those who are passionate about sport. There are those who love a politic debate. Those who love to read. Those who like to dance. Those who like to sing loudly. Those who just like to tap their feet.

All of these women are strong. All of these women are wonderful. All of these women are a welcome addition to my world.

There is no single characteristic that defines being a women. No one woman stands out alone. We are all very different. We are all original.

We compliment each other’s existence and we can comfortably interlink.

On marking International Women’s Day, I am proud to be a woman, to rear a young woman and to have many women in my life.

Here’s to many many more brunches listening to the sound of chatting and laugher!

This years brunch was in aid of the Niall Mellon Foundation and we raised a whopping €300+ so thank you all very much. 


Conversations that make you go “AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH”

The coffee is poured, the kids all playing nicely, my sisters and I start a conversation and then a little person sidles up all affectionate. Nothing quite like a polite little fella saying excuse me… once… maybe twice…  (more…)

“The Hour” – My Top Tips

From when the school empties out, the cars drive away and then the chaos returns to the gates a short while later, what do mums do during that that mysterious hour between the school pick ups? images

A daily discussion between mums who have child(ren) in the infant classes and other child(ren) in the rest of the school is “what do you do for the hour?’ The infamous hour! For most this hour between pick ups can be a chance to do a shop or some chores but for anyone who does not live next door to the school it can be a real pain in the neck. (more…)

A Secret Moment

Children silhouettes with shadows

My eldest has a shadow that follows him from room to room. What he says, his echo repeats. What he has, she wants. It’s hard for a six year old to take the compliment that she just loves him completely. Instead it annoys him and is a catalyst for many squabbles. This evening, the shadow fell asleep before her tea. While I was worrying about her not having eaten, the six year old was cheerfully calculating that he could have dinner with his dad and I, undisturbed. This little man like most men enjoys his quiet times and chats are hard to come by. But today, in that brief time we heard lots of tales from school. He chattered non stop. His face lit up. His eyes sparkling. His voice full of excitement and chatter. He held the conch.  For that treasured, almost secret time,his mum and dad were all his. A precious moment.