Halloween – cute little cats and wizards no more.

Halloween in our house has been a long time coming this year. Our sitting room has been a dressing room for weeks. The excitement has been brewing and the creative juice buds have been flowing. Cute little cats and wizards no more…

A Fun AND free Mid-Term Activity: Kilmacurragh and Geocaching

Kilmacimage 4urragh is one of those beautiful oasis, just off the N11 near Wicklow Town, that few people know about. It is a sister of the National Botanical Gardens and is beautifully kept, never busy and big enough to enjoy without having to carry moaning kids back to the car.

It is most well known for its Rhododendrons that are a vision in April/May. Rhododendrons in Kilmacurragh

We have been going to Kilmacurragh since the monkeys were babies and it never bores them. This particular trip had a new twist though; our recent discovery of geocaching. (more…)

The Bed – not just a mattress and four legs.

My beautiful white brass bed.

My beautiful white brass bed.

I love our bed. It is a beautiful white brass bed, dressed in white cotton. It has a mattress topper and a goose down duvet. It has perfect pillows and a recently gifted electric blanket. It is pretty to look at and a feature in our bedroom. We bought the bed with wedding money many moons ago and along with my couch it is my favourite piece of furniture in our house.

Unfortunately with the ageing process and being married to a camera man comes the age-old illness of bad backs, and with that comes the talk of replacing our beautiful bed with a grown up divan bed. Aggghhh!! (more…)

“The Hour” – My Top Tips

From when the school empties out, the cars drive away and then the chaos returns to the gates a short while later, what do mums do during that that mysterious hour between the school pick ups? images

A daily discussion between mums who have child(ren) in the infant classes and other child(ren) in the rest of the school is “what do you do for the hour?’ The infamous hour! For most this hour between pick ups can be a chance to do a shop or some chores but for anyone who does not live next door to the school it can be a real pain in the neck. (more…)

Sleeping Beauties

images-5I love waking the kids up in the morning. 

I love waking them up so I can take the time to sit on the edge of their beds and gently ease them into starting their day.

My voice is calm and gentle as I whisper their name. Their hair is tossed and their little faces all relaxed. I dress them in their bed and they flop like rag dolls. Their voices are quiet and slightly horse. Their train of thought is foggy.

They walk like zombies from bed to bathroom, calmly putting on shoes and cleaning their teeth. They are little, gentle robots easily guided through the morning routine.

By the time we are in the car they have fully woken up and their battery life is fully restored. The day officially begins.

For that lovely moment in the morning I have two beautiful, calm children and they have a lovely, calm mum.

A Simple Cup of Tea

What is it about that initial moment when you wave the kids off to a sleepover, the house is silent, you put the kettle on. You have dreamt of this moment for ages and then you wonder what to do!

My initial feeling is to miss the little monkeys. Then I have a wave of panic that I am wasting precious time, minutes are a treat, hours are precious… A whole day and night with no weddings or plans…. is the ultimate luxury. The excitement. There are so many things I want to do and can do that I don’t know what to do and what to do first! A long bubbly bath? A nap? Have an undisturbed chat on the phone? Paint a room? Potter around the shops? The list just grows and then I get over stimulated! So I put the kettle on again and have a breather.

For just a few moments, a brief interlude, I sit and drink a full cup of hot tea, not too strong from forgetting to take the tea bag out as a result of being summoned to a ‘muuuuuuuuum’ or having to referee a squabble, not too cold from forgetting about it, leaving it half full in odd places as I move around the house, and not reheated either.

images-18Undisturbed, in silence, from the first sip to an empty cup, this is one of life’s simple pleasures. (Cue: A huge sigh of contentment!)

“Let’s do it again! Let’s do it again!”

What is is about the sound of children giggling and laughing that warms the heart and tickles the soul?  It is a magical sound thats inviting and contagious. I envy their lack of self consciousness. My laugh has got me into so much trouble over the years.  It’s loud and hysterical and when I start to really laugh I lose complete control. It’s so great to get the giggles but as you get older adult laughing seems to have rules; no guffawing, no snorting and physical actions are just not an acceptable etiquette. Perhaps that’s why I love the freedom little ones have when they laugh. It’s straight from the belly with gusto and freedom.
Today I heard three little ladies laughing, mine being the 4 year old with two six year olds. My little lady has definitely inherited my big, loud laugh but unlike me she lets it all go and laughs as loud as she likes. She will fall over and lie on the floor laughing or bend right over holding her stomach and rock forward and back. She laughs the way real laughter should be laughed, physically and full of emotion. No matter how challenging she has been I always find myself smiling and laughing right there with her.
Today two older girls were teaching her ‘Hey, Mr Postman’. She was completely in awe of the older girls and was delighted to be playing an older girls game. As I studied her face and her animated expressions, she was very busy concentrating, studying the older girls, mimicking their actions and regurgeting their words. She took it all in her stride, and her mix ups of the words or actions were covered up by her squeals of delights ‘Lets do it again! Let’s do it again!’ The girls repeated their game over and over, giggling and laughing and falling on the floor with little missy right in the thick of it. They only stopped when they were wrecked and when it went quiet I peeped in to see three exhausted bodies lying in a pile with big, smiling faces, full of content. Wouldn’t it be great to just let go like that every few days and do the same?