Jumping in the deep end, in the shallow end.


I paid my 5 year old one Kinder Egg and one packet of Match Attax to get her into her swimsuit and sit by the edge of the pool with her toes in the water.

What followed was a heartbreaking, sad, red face staring at me from the other side of the pool with big, huge, pleading eyes. Is it right or wrong to put a young child through such angst? Was it right to put myself through such angst?

As I sat through the swimming lesson I had a moment of doubt. Was I being a pushy parent? Was I ‘making’ her do something she clearly didn’t want to do? Or was I being a good parent by not giving in but being understanding of her anxieties and gently encouraging her, despite the fact she was vividly upset. (more…)


Wise Words: “Time Flies”

Unknown-1The phrases ‘they grow up so quickly’ and ‘time flies’ are the insightful words of hindsight and experience. No one can utter those words until they have long embarked on life.

‘Enjoy it! It flies.’ were the wise words uttered to me by so many since I became a parent. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents of older children and teenagers, those who can justify saying it. They say it because they know. “They grow up so quickly.”

It’s only now, 7 years in, that I understand the depth of that phrase.  It’s the best advice I have ever been given and yet advice I can only appreciate in hindsight.

These days the life journey is gathering momentum at a speed that seems to be getting faster and faster every few months. Another year. Another Christmas. Easter. Summer holidays.

photo 2

Now as we celebrate my little lady’s 5th birthday I am more aware than ever that time is flying by. She has grown into a little girl almost overnight and as we approach her first day of school never before have I wanted to tighten the reins on time and slow it all down.

Time is precious. Time flies by. It is five years since I gave birth and cuddled my new baby. That is the same amount of time from first year to fifth year in school. One chapter seemed a lifetime. This chapter has been a blink of an eye.

My advice to new mums as a mum who has earned some stripes… Enjoy it! It flies, because time flies when you are having fun!

Happy birthday doll!